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Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made


Medium to Full

Length: 102mm
Vitola de galera: Medio Siglo
Ring: 52
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Buy Cohiba Medio Siglo Cigar Online

Buy Cohiba Medio Siglo Cigar Online is keeping with the smaller format trend. This smoke was released in 2016 – sporting the new Petit Robusto format, in tribute to Cohiba cigars 50th anniversary.

With a ring gauge of 52 and a length of 102mm, you are given a shorter smoking time of roughly 30 minutes. The shorter smoking time makes it a valuable addition to your Cuban cigar collection, for those moments when you’re short for time.

Its flavour profile is incredibly pleasant and typical of the Cohiba Linea 1492. Leather, cocoa and floral notes are the most predominant ones here and create an impeccable blend of flavours.

The Medio Siglo, literally “Half Century” was released to celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary and draws inspiration from the Linea 1492’s shortest (Siglo I at 4”, 104mm) and widest (Siglo VI at 52 ring gauge) offerings. The unique ‘extra fermentation’ that is conducted on the Seco and Legero of all Cohibas lasts for up to eighteen months and is conducted at the factory in cedar barrels. This extra age creates a unique taste. The famous Cohiba flavour is most often described as ‘Grassy’, although others have noticed tones of vanilla, cocoa and coffee. It is often noted how this extra fermentation makes the taste ‘smoother’ and more refined. Min Ron NEE, in his book “An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Post-Revolution Havana Cigars” says of the Siglo range “Mild, creamy sweetness, medium bean flavour, subtle @Cohiba’ Grassy taste, mild floral and herbal flavours… all agree the Siglo IV is the best and most well balanced”. This very modern looking cigar delivers bundles of characteristic Cohiba taste, in a format ideal for when time is short. The wide gauge helps produce an abundance of smoke that drenches the palate and rewards the smoker with an easy, rounded and yet sophisticated experience.

Line: La Linea 1492
Flavour: Medium
Vitola: Medio Siglo
Ring Gauge: 52
Length: 4 Inches / 102mm


Single Cigar, Box of 25, Pack of 3 AT


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