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Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made


Medium to Full

Lenght: 184mm
Vitola de galera: Salomon
Ring: 57
Presentation: 1 layer in a box of 10 pcs
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Buy Cuaba Salomones Cigar Online

Buy Cuaba Salomones Cigar Online comes in a double figurado shape, as you would expect from Cuaba Cigars. This shape is what forms all of their Cuban cigars.

It features a Salomon vitola – measuring at 184mm by a 57 ring gauge. Making it one of the largest cigars on our site! You get a lengthy smoke from this bad boy, as it lasts up to three hours – making it ideal for special occasions.

The medium-full bodied smoke combines woody and floral notes with a nutty undertone.

Cuaba Salmones is a structural feat at 185mm with a 57 ring gauge. A full bodied smoke from start to finish, the complex profile on this Double Figurado will keep you engaged for hours by displaying a multitude of rich flavours. We found Salomones to start off mild with an earthy scent and flavour which quickly developed into chocolate and touches of nuttyness that continue into the second half and swirl together with a slightly spiced vanilla flavour reminiscent of chai.

The finish is distinctly creamy and left a touch of sweetness on our lips when it finally came to an end, at around the two hour mark. This impeccable cigar is for an experienced smoker and makes for a lovely ‘occasion’ cigar that would undoubtedly be an exclamation point on memorable evenings filled with hearty foods and full bodied wine.

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