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Origin: Dominican/Ecuadorian
Manufactured: Hand made
Flavour: Mild
Length: 117mm
Vitola de galera: Petit Panatella
Ring: 34
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Buy Davidoff Grand Cru No. 2 Cigar Online

Buy Davidoff Grand Cru No. 2 Cigar Online is a long corona cigar which will delight the smoker for around 30 minutes.  Slightly stronger than the Signature 2000, but still a fairly light-bodied cigar, the Grand Cru line is the quintessential Davidoff.

The tobacco inside the Grand Cru No. 2 is all from the Dominican Republic, and held under a gorgeous Ecuadorian wrapper.  Flavours of nuts and wood are present throughout the 30 minutes it will smoke for.

Zino Davidoff asked for 5 formats which did not exist at the time, and was given the Grand Cru series.  If you are looking for true sophistication from your smoking experience, this is the cigar for you.

Length: 5 5/8″
Ring Gauge: 43
Strength: Light – Medium
Packaging: 1 Single Cigar

Format: Corona Larga
Provenance: Dominican Republic
Enjoyment Time: 30 mins

Total sophistication. The Grand Cru series brings you a depth and character second to none – an enchanting mild to medium-body experience.

The Davidoff Grand Cru No. 2 is slightly longer than the usual Corona format, allowing for a higher proportion of Ligero tobacco with intricate flavors of nuts, pepper, cream, and wood. Experience extra strength and depth without overpowering the sophisticated aroma.

Davidoff Grand Cru cigars, with their bold spice and peppery notes pair exceptionally well with Bordeaux wines with flavorful tannins.

This slightly longer than usual Corona format allows for a higher proportion of Ligero tobacco, lending the complex flavours of nuts and woods extra strength and depth, without overpowering the sophisticated aroma.


Single Cigar, Box of 25


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