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Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made



Length: 162mm
Vitola de galera: Cazadores
Ring: 43


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Buy Fonseca Cuban Cigars Online

Buy Fonseca Cuban Cigars Online is the largest format currently produced under the Fonseca brand.

It features a Cazadores vitola – measuring 162mm by a 43 ring gauge. It’s an inexpensive Cuban Cigar that delivers a smoking experience that can rival the most eminent equivalents.

It delivers a medium-bodied smoke with prominent flavours of wood and pepper.

Fonseca No. 1 is easily the most popular and best known of the Fonseca range. This Cazadores vitola measures at 162mm with a 43 ring gauge making it the largest of the family. This one is a must try for all aficionados and habanos lovers, as it holds its own next to the most famous cubanos, at a fraction of the price that you see from its competitors.

Hand rolled with a Colorado wrapper and filled with a luxurious tobacco blend from the finest region in Cuba, it is finished with a delicate white paper that carries the band, leaving this stick uniquely naked when smoked.

We found the flavour of the No. 1 to be medium bodied but mellow, with large plumes of creamy white smoke that carried an aroma reminiscent of nuts that delighted the senses.

Abundant flavours of cream introduced themselves immediately upon lighting and carried through to the finish, but notes of baked bread, light wood, touches of florals and a pinch of white pepper mingled in to balance out the bouquet.

Given the variety of flavours this cigar would pair well with whatever you fancy most with a smoke, we enjoyed No. 1 next to a Pinot Noir and found it a delightful pair. Put your feet up and expect to enjoy this fine specimen for well over an hour.


Single Cigar, Box of 25


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