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Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made
Flavour: Full body
Length: 129 mm
Vitola de galera: Marevas
Ring: 42
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Buy Partagas Capitols Cigar at Online

Buy Partagas Capitols Cigar at Online is one of the best Cuban cigars online, for those wanting a small but powerful and strong smoke.

A spicy aroma balances the subtle, peppery and earth flavours, which can be enjoyed for around 30 minutes. Perfect to accompany a quick lunch, the stunning, yellow aluminium tubes are a plush gift to give to a smoker who loves Partagas Cigars.

Measuring at 117mm and with a 40 ring gauge, these cigars are of the highest quality associated with the Partagas name.

Brief Introduction: The Partagas Capitols Cigar was released prior to 1960. It is a current production cigar.

Flavours: Covered in a reddish-brown wrapper, this little cigar draws and burns quite evenly. Its core foundation of leather, earth and wood support sweeter notes of almond-studded nougat and gingersnap.

Synopsis: Another Partagas cigar that is good value for the money.

Smoking Duration: 30 minutes.

DIMENSIONS/SIZE: 117 mm (4 5/8”) x 40 (15.88 mm)
STRENGTH/FLAVOUR: Medium to Full Bodied

This well-known Cuban Cigar brand is made from tobacco from the premium region of Vuelta Abajo (Pinar del Rio). Most Partagas cigars are full bodied cigars. All of the Partagas cigar vitoles are full, rich, with earthy cigar flavors.

The Partagas cigars are commercialized in Spain, France, Benelux, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, the Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Canada, East Europe, Hong Kong, Swiss, Germany and Great Britain. They have achieved several cigar awards in events related with the Cuban cigar world and others.

In 1879 the brand Partagás was awarded with the Golden Medal of the Universal Exhibition, held in Paris.

A Coronitas size Partagas in new yellow tubes (used to exist in aluminum tubes). Subtle peppery, earthy flavors and the medium tobacco taste are blended quite nicely. A good value cigar for the money. Can do with being aged for a couple of years.

Subtle peppery, earthy flavors and the medium tobacco taste are blended quite nicely.  A good value cigar for the money.


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