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Materials: Chromium

7.8×4.7×1 cm




Buy S.T. Dupont Double Blade Cigar Cutter Online

Buy S.T. Dupont Double Blade Cigar Cutter Online is an essential cigar accessory, as it’ll allow you to prepare your Cuban cigars at ease.

Handcrafted by the S.T. Dupont‘s master artisans, this cigar cutter features a double blade – with a classical blade and a V-cut blade. Finished with lacquer and chrome. It’s a great tool for all aficionados!

Available in multiple colours!

At its most basic, the S.T.Dupont Double Cigar Cutter is exactly what it looks like: a two-in-one cigar cutter that features both a double guillotine cutter and a v-cut cutter in a single product. When viewed vertically, the v-cut cutter is on the top, while the double guillotine cutter is on the bottom, with the trigger bar located to the left of both openings.

Physically, the cutter measures 3.07 inches long, 1.85 inches wide when it is closed—increasing to 2.75 inches when open—and .4 inches thick while weighing a total of 3.63 ounces. While I could not find a spec sheet on the cutter, after doing a bit of testing I determined that the double guillotine cutter can cut the cap off of anything up to about a 70 ring gauge cigar with ease—and is able to cut a 60 ring gauge cigar completely in half if needed—while the v-cutter can handle anything up to about 64 ring gauge fairly comfortably.

The S.T.Dupont Double Cigar Cutter is available in three very distinctive finishes, all of which carry the same price tag of $209:

  • Red + Black
  • Chrome + Chrome
  • Chrome + Black

In terms of operation, both blades are released by pushing down on the aforementioned long trigger bar located to the right of the openings. When pushed in with a bit of force, the trigger releases the spring-loaded section outwards with a nice snap, ending its journey when both blades are totally clear of their respective openings. You then put the cap of the cigar into the opening of your choice and apply pressure to the trigger bar, which pushes both blades through the cap and comes to the end of its journey, locking in place with an audible click until you push on the trigger again.


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