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The Xikar Pulsar Triple Jet Lighter is a stylish yet functional cigar lighter produced by Xikar.


Buy Xikar Pulsar Triple Jet Lighter Online

Buy Xikar Pulsar Triple Jet Lighter Online is a stylish yet functional cigar lighter produced by Xikar.

The Pulsar lighter has a built-in 7mm punch doubles as a dust cover for the fill valve, and an over-sized adjustment wheel makes fine-tuning the jet flame a breeze. A simple push of the side of the lighter ignites a powerful jet flame perfect for cigars.

If you want to check whether the lighter needs refilling, it comes with the patented EZ-View red fuel window that helps inform the fuel levels. Available in the colours; Vintage Bronze, Gunmetal, Black and Daytona Red.

For cigar lovers in search of a high-quality and reliable cigar accessory, Xikar is the first and only stop. Xikar’s ever-growing range of impressive gadgets is filled with some of the most innovative cigar tools on the market today. One of the all-time favorites is the Xikar Pulsar.

All eyes will be on you with the stunning Xikar Pulsar Lighter Bronze. This elegantly designed lighter is dressed in a vintage bronze-copper and gunmetal finish that is sure to get the crowd abuzz. Easy on the eyes and comfortable in hand, it’s the perfect choice for any occasion.

The Pulsar’s unique design features a sleek, side-mounted ignition system. It only takes a smooth and relaxed motion to bring three torch flames to life. These jet flames will give you all the coverage and control you need to light any cigar. You can adjust the flames with a large adjustment wheel and keep a close watch on fuel levels with a built-in fuel level window. That’s not all this beauty will do, however. A fold-out cigar punch gives you a razor-sharp 7 mm circular blade to cut your cigars at a moment’s notice.

With its beautifully contoured shape and potent versatility, the Xikar Pulsar Lighter Bronze is simply a good decision for any cigar lover wanting more out of there cigar smoking experience. Elevate your cigar smoking game with a Xikar Pulsar.


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