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xThe Xikar Tech Triple Jet Lighter is a lightweight and effective Cuban Cigars lighter, produced by the acclaimed Xikar brand.


Buy Xikar Tech Jet Lighter Online

Buy Xikar Tech Jet Lighter Online is a lightweight and effective Cuban Cigars lighter, produced by the acclaimed Xikar brand.

The Tech lighter exhibits a sleek, transparent body design with solid metal construction at an affordable price. On the lighter, there is an oversized adjustment wheel and an auto-open lid to provide the smoker with optimum control. With just a simple flick of the ignition, you will reveal a powerful flame, ideal for firing up stogies. Great for outdoor usage or camping.

Xikar torches and jet lighters have been engineered to bring the convenience of everyday carry to the cigar industry with a cutting-edge torch. These lighters make cigar smoking an everyday occurrence.

Xikar’s new line of lighter is the next generation of lighter, mastering a modern design, added power, and high performance. Combining unique features with classic technology, these brand new lighters utilize a powerful Piezo-electric ignition system that can be fine tuned to your preference Adjusting power to be as low as single flame or staggered double flames. For the cigar aficionado having an Xikar lighter in your hands is reassuring and comforting.

Xikar Lighters are very easy to use, and being a leader in the industry of lighters, we are confident that when you purchase an Xikar lighter you will be happy with your purchase.

XIKAR became the leading accessory brand in retail tobacco shops through unique product offerings in all subcategories including lighters, cutters, humidification, travel containers, butane, and cigars. XIKAR has built a solid reputation with customers and consumers for innovative, cool products, and fair price! Today, these accessories are bold, uncomplicated, and exquisite designs that have evolved over time, creating affordable products for both men and women. XIKAR’s wide range of cigar and pipe lighters compliment the distinguished line of cutters and accessories, and you can guarantee XIKAR will satisfy high expectations placed upon the brand… for life!


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