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The Xikar XO Woods Cutter is one of the most innovative and cutting edge Cigar Cutters by Xikar.


Buy Xikar Xo Woods Cutter Online

Buy Xikar Xo Woods Cutter Online is made with fine wood, such as redwood and tamarind, providing you with a beautifully designed cutter that will look fantastic with your collection of accessories.

Engineered to simplify the standard double guillotine style cut. Available in the colours; Black and Orange.

The XO cigar cutter can handle up to 70-ring gauge cigars and offer users a Double Guillotine style cut – perfect for those looking to precisely control the length of the cigar they are cutting. The patent pending planetary gear system of the XO cutter provides unparalleled performance and reliability. This technology ensures that the double stainless steel blades open and close in perfect harmony, resulting in perfectly circular cuts every time. Not only does this ensure a clean cigar cut, but also helps maintain the integrity of the cigar’s wrapper material by avoiding any tearing or ripping when cutting.

This cigar cutter was built with longevity in mind; its aluminum body is designed to withstand regular use without sacrificing its performance or look. The stainless steel blades feature an advanced corrosion-resistant coating that protects them from rusting or degradation over time, helping to ensure consistent performance from your XO cutter even after extended use. This durable design makes it an ideal cigar-cutting solution for frequent smokers and busy cigar bars alike.

The Xikar XO has set out to revolutionize cigar cutting by simplifying the standard guillotine style cut into one streamlined tool, crafted from premium materials and engineered to last for years of reliable use. This revolutionary design promises cigar aficionados with an effortless yet precise cutting experience every time, allowing them to enjoy their favorite cigars with greater precision than ever before!


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