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Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made


Length: 123mm
Vitola de galera: Standard
Ring: 40


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La Flor De Cano Petit Coronas Cigar Price

La Flor De Cano Petit Coronas Cigar Price is an incredibly versatile format in the classic vitola of a Petit Coronas. That is, 123mm by 40 ring. A most pleasant 30 minute smoke.
The light bodied flavours of La Flor de Cano are incredibly hard to find these days with the brand facing one of its slowest production outputs in decades.We strongly recommend to secure these boxes while they are available.

The Petit Corona from La Flor de Cano is a mild cigar with a perfect construction and balance of flavors. It is now fully hand rolled since 2002.

    • • Rich flavors of tobacco, wood and coffee and lots of spice.
    • • 2 years of aging are recommended for this smoke.


A great morning cigar that delivers great flavors at a lesser cost.


La Flor De Cano Petit Coronas – 25 cigars comes in a dress box with Habanos Packing Code CB-UW-n-12,13-CW-25


Length: 123 mm

Diameter: 15.87 mm

Ring gauge: 40

Shape: Petit Corona / Standard


The cigar is presented with a cedar sleeve on which is wrapped the band. Once the cedar sleeve removed, it reveals a good looking cigar, with a dark brown oily wrapper, of chocolate color. A few veins are apparent, but very well-rolled nonetheless. The double cap is beautifully applied. It has a good weight, and its evenly packed, with just a slight give when squeezed.

Smoking Notes:

Before lighting up

The wrapper smells of hay.

Burn/ Draw

Once cut, the draw is perfect, not tight at all. The prelight draw gives some tobacco. Lights up easily. The first few puffs reveal a mild to medium body cigar, with rich flavors of tobacco, sweet honey, nuts and wood. There is also a good amount of cinnamon spice at the finish. The burn line is sharp, can be wavy while smoking, but corrects itself while smoking. The cigar generates a nice thick white smoke. The ash is of dark color, and stays on until the middle of the cigar.

Initial third:

In the first third, the first flavors reaching your palate are of tobacco mixed with leather. A few puffs in and the tobacco fades away while the leather gets stronger, and some nutty aromas are joining the mix. There are also flavors of wood, coffee and a nice white pepper taste on the lips. The finish is long, smooth and sweet. There is almost a taste of syrup on the lips. Overall, the first third of this cigar is a mild body.

Middle third:

In the middle third, the flavor profile remain similar to the one in the first third, still a lot of leather, more pepper (white and black pepper). The finish is still very long on the palate. The smoke production increased as well as the strength of the cigar, it is now closer to a medium body cigar.

Final third:

In the final third, the dominant flavors are still of wood, of smooth leather, tobacco, pepper and some sweetness. There are also notes of hay or some floral flavors. The finish is now oiler and spicier (cayenne pepper). Overall, the final of the cigar is excellent, releasing tons of smoke and the body is medium to full.

In summary, it’s a great little smoke, with perfect construction and draw, lots of rich flavors and a long enjoyable finish. A great every day smoke.

Smoking time:

45 Minutes


Single Cigar, Box of 25, Pack of 5


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