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This Montecristo cigar cutter and the lighter set are the ideal accessories for devotees of the Marca.  It is boldly emblazoned with the distinctive colours of BRAND NAME.


Montecristo Cigar Cutter and Lighter Set Online

Montecristo Cigar Cutter and Lighter Set Online are the ideal accessories for devotees of the Marca.  It is boldly emblazoned with the distinctive colours of BRAND NAME.

The razor-sharp twin steel blades of the cutter close in a butterfly fashion and will easily and cleanly remove the cap from your cigar, allowing the smoke to flow effortlessly.  The single-flame torch lighter will brave any wind to accurately ignite the foot of your stick, resulting in an even burn with no charring to the wrapper.

Set of two essential accessories for cigar smokers of the famous American manufacturer Xikar with the yellow color and the Montecristo logo. Xikar Montecristo’s family of Xidris lighters has been specially designed for lighting cigars. Xikar’s Xidris Montecristo cigar lighter uses jet flame technology with powerful single continuous flames and windproof. Excellent value for money, this Montecristo Xikar cigar lighter solves the problem of lighting a cigar perfectly.

Reliable performance in all conditions of use. All Xidris Montecristo lighters have an automatic lid to protect the flame rotor, a large gas tank for longer autonomy of use and a window to view the amount of gas in the tank. Another feature of the Xidris cigar lighter with Montecristo logo is the ergonomic design and the large button for ignition. Xidris Montecristo lighters combine an elegant colorful body design with solid metal construction at an affordable price.

This limited edition set with the Montecristo logo consists of a cigar lighter and a cigar cutter. Xikar Xi1 Premium double blade cutter, with Montecristo logo and colors. Very elegant cutter in a yellow finish. Opening a cigar is both an elegant and technical gesture. Opening a cigar perfectly is a problem that all cigar aficionados know about. All aficionados know that you can ruin a cigar by opening it with a poor tool.

The Montecristo Xikar Xi1 cutter solves the problem of opening the cigar head perfectly! The Xikar Xi1 cigar cutters with the Montecristo logo quickly achieved a world sales record for their reliability, durability and precision. The particular double guillotine blade made of 440C stainless steel reaches a hardness of 57 degrees HRC. The precise blades and the particular design make this cutter usable with one hand.

The Montecristo cigars cutter offers a clean and precise cut. The exclusive release mechanism allows a very fast opening execution. Xikar for Habanos is a complete line of cigar cutters in colors and finishes and satisfies even the most demanding cigar aficionados. This original Xikar product, licensed by Habanos SA is stored in a luxury gift box decorated with the Montecristo logo.


Main features cigar cutters:

Cigar cutter in stainless steel and aluminum alloy

Central retaining button and quick release

440C steel blades.

clean and precise cut.

Weight: 49 gr.

Dimensions: Length x width x thickness 7.7 x 4.5 x 0.5 cm.


Lighter size:

Length x width x thickness (cm). 6.5 x 3.9 x 1.5 cm

Weight gr 80.


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