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Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made

Medium to full

Length: 155mm
Vitola de galera: Marevas
Ring: 42
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Buy Montecristo Petit Tubos Cigar at Online

Buy Montecristo Petit Tubos Cigar at Online is very popular amongst cigar aficionados – some may say it’s the best cigar to come from Montecristo.

It measures 90mm by a 44 ring gauge, which makes it a compact Petit Corona full of the flavours you usually find in larger Cuban cigars. Its length makes it the ideal cigar to pair with a meal.

It provides a medium-full bodied smoke – delivering tangy flavours for the smoker.

The Montecristo Petit Tubos Cigar is a Half-Corona, 90mm in length with a 44 ring gauge. This is only the second time this vitola has been used since 2011, and they are the shortest long filler handmade cigar that you can find on the market today. This cigar is one of the more recent additions to the brand profile, coming available in 2015.

The Montecristo Petit Tubos Cigar offered a cold draw full of nuts and mild wood, once lit we found flavours of nuts, honey, chocolate and almond in surprising transitions given the abbreviated size of this stick, which also creates a more powerful flavour profile landing beyond the medium full mark. We also noted some dashes of spice that weaved in and out, the flavours were so inviting that we had to remind ourselves to smoke slowly.

The depths of flavour and ideal smoking experience will make you feel like this was a much longer smoke than it will be in reality. It would be easy to inhale this one in under 30 minutes but for the full experience try to push it beyond that.

Montecristo Petit Tubos Cigar literally translates as “Half Corona” and the size was first introduced in the UK back in 1907 by an English cigar importer who wanted to stop keeping his wife waiting for him at the theatre while he enjoyed the last of his Corona sized cigar.


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