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Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made


Length: 142mm
Vitola de galera: Coronas
Ring: 42


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Romeo y Julieta Cedros De Luxe no. 2 Cigar Online

Romeo y Julieta Cedros De Luxe no. 2 Cigar Online is a Cuban cigar that’s been hand-crafted to perfection!

Featuring the Marevas vitola – it is 129mm long and has a weighty ring gauge of 42.

This medium-bodied cigar delivers creamy chocolate notes with hints of coffee and pepper. This is a smoke that promises to get better with age.

The cedar-wrapped vitola occupies a unique position in the Habanosphere, inspiring enthusiasm and impartiality from cigar enthusiasts. Some swear by its capacity to insulate the stick from the elements over time, resulting in a smoother aging arch, while others dismiss the cedar as mere marketing accouterment. Whatever the reader’s position, the pursuit of innovative ways of distinguishing cigars from relative anonymity is nothing new.

The famously sartorial Francisco Fonseca of the eponymously named Habanos brand innovated tin foil packaging with a fine Japanese paper wrapper. Today the tissue addition has become a distinctive feature of all regular production Fonseca vitolas despite having no intrinsic function.

Shortly after, in the 1930s, Waldo Braden of H. Upmann would update Fonseca’s use of tin with the aluminum tube, adding a revolutionary dimension of mobility and longevity to the tobacco stick. As of the mid-2010s, nearly half of all UK Habanos sales were made in tubes. This should be no surprise, from the exceptionally cylindrical cigars to the potent concentration of aroma unleashed once the cap is unscrewed or the elegant keepsake remaining. The range of tubed vitolas has been expanding year after year.

Cedros-wrapping does not share this universal acclaim. Used to garnish tactical and special edition releases, some enthusiasts have lamented the discovery of mold beneath the wrapper after a stint in the humidor. To avoid the problem of over-humidification, some swear by removing the cedar before placing the stick amongst the others, placing it in a separate container, or avoiding the cedar-induced headache altogether. Others are attracted to the soothing ritual of lighting Cedros cigars. The relatively unknown trick involves sliding the thin wrapper four or so centimeters from the foot of the cigar. A soft flame is applied to the thin wood, acting as a wick as it intensifies and reaches the circumference of the cigar, applying an even burn as the smoker puffs. Whether this action infuses a woody flourish into the overall cigar portfolio is hotly debated.


Single Cigar, Box of 25, Pack of 3 AT


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