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Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand made



Length: 127mm
Vitola de galera: Hermosos No. 4
Ring: 48
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Saint Luis Rey Regios Price

The Saint Luis Rey Regios Cigar is a great addition to the Saint Luis Rey Cigars family. The brand was founded in 1940 and has since become a well-respected brand within the Cuban cigars market.

Featuring a Hermosos No.4 vitola – it measures 127mm by a 48-ring gauge. The popular size provides around 1 hour of smoking bliss.

The full-bodied smoke delivers rich, honey flavours – with hints of wood. It makes a great post-dinner smoke.

Also. they’re beautifully dressed with the brand’s gorgeous red and gold band and kept in a wooden box decorated with the brand’s log0.

Also, This is the 2018 release of the previous, discontinued Saint Luis Rey Regios. This version sees a slight increase in length, from 47/8″ to the new 5″ vitola.


Saint Luis Rey was founded just before the Second World War.

Some say that its name was also taken from a Thornton Wilder play “The Bridge of San Luis Rey”, which was popular at the time. However it is more likely that it refers to the town of San Luis in the heart of the Vuelta Abajo tobacco zone, which is particularly famous for the superb wrapper leaves produced there.

Whatever the truth may be, Saint Luis Rey also enjoy a reputation among Habanos lovers for the intensity of their flavor throughout the range.


They are also made with filler and binder leaves from the Vuelta Abajo zone.

All sizes are Tripa larga, Totalmente a Mano – long filler, totally hand made.

Length: 5″
Ring Gauge: 48
Flavour: Full
Packaging: Box of 25 Cigars

Vitola: Hermoso No. 4
Smoking Time: 45 – 60 Minutes

Over the years a handful of Cuban cigars have been created solely for the enjoyment of one particular nation of smokers – Saint Luis Rey cigars are a perfect example.  Just as Quai d’Orsay cigars were originally only available to buy in France. Saint Luis Rey is a brand originally conceived for the United Kingdom market, by a pair of shrewd businessmen from London, before eventually being released to the world at large.  Designed for exclusivity, these sticks have always been produced in limited numbers, and only one regular production smoke is offered


Single Cigar, Box of 25, Pack of 5


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