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Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Hand Made
Flavour: Medium to Full
Length: 166mm
Vitola de Galera:

Cañonazo Especial (T)

Ring: 52


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Trinidad La Trova Cigar Lcdh For Sale

The Trinidad La Trova Cigar Lcdh For Sale was is a highly sought over LCDH edition cigar – released in 2017 from Trinidad Cigars.

Sporting a Cañonazo Especial vitola – 166mm by a 53 ring gauge. Entirely handmade, these Cuban cigars feature a ‘pigtail’ cap – making them a unique pick from the brand.

It awards you with just under 2 hours of smoking pleasure.

The La Trova is a regal cigar, decorated with the Trinidad and LCDH branded bands that sit on top of a gorgeous colorado leaf. They are filled with the finest long filler tobaccos available from the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba and finished with the brand signature pigtail cap.

The experience begins with soft aromas of honey and cedar, with the cold draw being primarily cedar with a hint of grass. Once lit the smoke is smooth as velvet, offering a complex flavour profile filled with almond, coffee, baking spice with a touch of chili heat.

In the second third the flavours intensify and new notes of walnut and sweet cedar join the bouquet, with a soft creaminess coming through. The strength is consistently medium throughout, while the body hovers between a medium up to a full towards the finish.

You can expect to enjoy this smoke for around 90 minutes. We suggest pairing this fine cigar with a glass of champagne to maximize this top of the line smoking experience.


Box of 12


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