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Origin: Cuba
Manufactured: Handmade
Flavour: Medium
Length: 115mm
Vitola de galera: Marinas
Ring: 50


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Trinidad Media Luna Price

The Trinidad Media Luna Price has been released in celebration of Trinidad Cigars 50th anniversary – along with the Trinidad Topes Cigar and the Trinidad Esmeralda Cigar. Trinidad is the youngest of Cuban cigar brands under the Habanos S.A. belt, but they’re still loved by many cigar connoisseurs!

Taking a completely new format, this cigar measures at 115mm by a 50 ring gauge – it’s been named the Marinas vitola. 

You can expect a medium-bodied flavour from this cigar – just as Trinidad is known for. It provides a sweet, nutty smoke with a woody finish.  

The Media Luna are hand rolled, filled with the finest long filler tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba, and finished with Trinidad’s signature pigtail cap.

These cigars begin with soft aromas of cinnamon, raisin and bread off the foot, while the cold draw provides an entirely new palate of sugar, pepper, cedar and a red meat richness. Once lit this cigar offers a delicious nuttyness that drives the first third, mixing with notes of oak and a touch of floral.

In the second third the smoke develops a creamy thickness, with notes of citrus and leather coming in to mingle with a bit of pepper.

The flavours are full and the body and strength are a solid medium picking up slightly in the final section, where a touch of salt comes in at the finish. You can expect to enjoy this fine cigar for around 75 minutes.


Box of 12


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